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1/19/00: Indian in the Spotlight: Vincent Craig (Listen in RealAudio…)
Vincent Craig is best known for his humor and music. But did you know that this Navajo entertainer serves as Justice Commissioner for the White Mountain Apache? Or that he was former prosecutor for the Navajo Nation. On this "Indian in the Spotlight" Edition, we visited with comedian/musician Vincent Craig and discussed how he has transformed hardship into humor.

2/23/00: Book-of-the-Month: "A Map to the Next World" (Listen in RealAudio…)
In her fifth book Muscogee author Joy Harjo melds memories, dream visions, myths and stories from America's brutal history into a poetic whole. Her visionary lyricism offers the hope of redemption and the title poem bears the reminder that there is no beginning or end to our journey and that each of us must draw our own map. Guests: Joy Harjo.

3/22/00: The Pope's Apology (Listen in RealAudio…)
The Pope has apologized to all the victims of cruel acts committed by the Roman Catholic Church. In asking for forgiveness, the Pope spoke of the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Nazi Holocaust, the degradation of women and racism towards people of color. But what role did the Church play in the colonization of Native lands and cultures? Guests: Steve Newcomb of the Indigenous Law Institute.

4/13/00: Indian in the Spotlight: Tim Giago (Listen in RealAudio…)
He has arguably been Native America’s most well-known journalist. His nationally syndicated column, “Notes from Indian Country”, has been running in papers all over America for 22 years. He launched the reservation-based national newspaper “Lakota Times”, which later became “Indian Country Today”. Now, he has a new newspaper called the “Lakota Nation Journal”. Tim Giago is our Indian in the Spotlight.

5/17/00: Indian in the Spotlight: Hattie Kauffman (Listen in RealAudio…)
She has been an award-winning journalist who has made her mark in the television world and climbed to the top of her field. She has been a role model and a mother. She has appeared on CBS’s “The Early Show” during the week, and she is our Indian in the Spotlight for May 17. Who is she? The one and only Hattie Kauffman of the Nez Perce Tribe.

8/21/00: Indian in the Spotlight: Irene Bedard (Listen in RealAudio…)
You've seen her on the big screen in Smoke Signals and Lakota Woman. You've heard her voice on your child's videotape of Pocahontas and you've probably noticed her appealing smile on the cover of numerous magazines. Because of her acting talent she has become a familiar figure in today's pop culture. Join us as we visit with our Indian in the Spotlight, Iñupiat/Cree actress Irene Bedard.

10/23/00: Indian in the Spotlight: Cecelia Fire Thunder (Listen in RealAudio…)
It has not been traditional for Native men to batter Native women or children. This is the message that internationally-known motivational speaker, community organizer and health educator Cecelia Fire Thunder of the Lakota Nation has been vigorously trying to communicate to Native people. She has worked to heal the wounds of oppression, alcoholism and violence that have corrupted many of our Indian families. But how do we approach such sensitive and secretive issues as wife-beating, rape and child abuse?

11/28/00: Indian Preference. Is It Fair? (Listen in RealAudio…)
The Indian Preference Act has been under attack! This federal hiring policy has been adopted to combat discrimination against Native people and encourage the hiring of tribal members. Now, lawmakers in Washington have said that The Indian Preference Act is race-based and unconstitutional. Should it have been repealed? Or has it been a Native affirmative action plan that needs to be strengthened?

1/22/01: Sundance Film Festival (Listen in RealAudio…)
Every year, the Sundance Film Festival offers low-budget, low-marketed films the opportunity to premier at a world class venue with an audience of more than 20,000 people. Over the weekend, nine new films by Native American filmmakers were among those slated for premier at this international showcase of new independent films. What are the messages of these movies and where can you see them? Guests include award winning filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin of the Abenaki Nation and Shirley Chechoo.

1/25/01: Native Elders' Message to America (Listen in RealAudio…)
"As we stand before the dawn of a new millennium, we pray for America's survival, our survival. We pray that we will be given strength by the Creator to follow the footsteps of our forefathers to share our love, respect and compassion for one another." This is the beginning of a spiritual message developed last fall at the National Indian Council on Aging's annual conference in Minnesota. Do you have a spiritual message for our country?